In order for us to be able to help you, we may need to connect to your PC.  To allow us to do this, we need you to download a small piece of software called AnyDesk.   With your permission, this allows us to connect to your computer and help you with your problem.
Never let anyone connect to your machine if you are not 100% sure who they are. If you have any doubt, tell them no.

To download the software, click on one of the following links according to which system you are using:

If prompted by your browser, click Run, otherwise click Open file

Once the software is running you'll see "This Desk" and underneath that, in bold, a number which is unique to you.

Give that number to the agent who is helping you.


After a few seconds, a window will pop-up with the agents details asking for your permission to connect.

Click on the Accept button to allow the agent to connect.